Petite Boutique: Homefrocks

Homefrocks - Santa Fe

Homefrocks is romantic, adventurous and unabashedly boho chic. Nancy Traugott designs the pieces in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Artisanal seamstresses produce each garment, then hand-dye them. They use beautiful silks and linens, yet everything is machine washable. 

Attention to detail results in “a diaphanous hem shot through with a single silver filament; a spray of rare cotton bobbinet peeking out from an unfinished seam; an imaginative tuck set in an unexpected place to create a graceful line and flattering definition.”

Homefrocks clothing reminds me of another era, when women sewed clothing by hand in sunny parlours while chatting and sipping tea.  I hope it existed somewhere, sometime.

Click on the photo below to lose yourself in Homefrocks.

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