Free People August Catalog

If you had enough dosh, you could build your whole boho look wardrobe at Free People – dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes, boots, purses, jewelry. Did you know that that Free People is the original brain child of the same people who founded Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters (two other places I love)?

Everything they do is lucious, and never the same. Their July catalog featured “Southwest” bohemian style, such a fun change from hippie chic stuff!

Now’s definitely the time to get into some Free People. Their Summer Sale is going strong, including tons of stuff under $30.

And don’t forget to check out their blog. They’ve got some fantastic photos and videos, including this one on how to do a fishtail braid…

TuffCooki's Bohemian Girl Bag

Marion Muñoz and Monica Kennedy bring their eclectic backgrounds to a new line of handbags based on women’s lifestyles — including Bohemian Girl!

Monica, who lives in Florida, designs and creates each handbag to tell a story. She combines gorgeous fabrics with one-of-a-kind illustrations by Marion, a freelance artist who works in Barcelona. The two met through mutual friend on Facebook and  pooled their bohemian talents to create these original works-of-art.

Check them out at

Bohemian Decor for Girls

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Kelly Porter, a featured contributor at the kids’ design site Design Dazzle, recently wrote a wonderful post on bohemian decor for girls’ bedrooms. In it, she truly describes the essence of bohemian style. But even more, she mentions that creating a boho bedroom can giving girls an appreciation of other cultures and traditions: “Bohemian spaces […]


Boho Tops: 4 Classic Styles

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Boho tops get their flair by evoking another time or place. They can be ethnic tunics, gypsy or peasant blouses, hippie camisoles and romantic blouses, or combinations of these. Natural fabrics rule, but nomadic bohemians might prefer quality blends for traveling ease.  Details include beads, ruffles, embroidery or crocheted trim. Ethnic Tunic The timeless bohemian […]


Focus on Peruvian Connection

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A few years ago I stumbled upon a Peruvian Connection print catalog and was immediately entranced. Their motto says it all: “Artisan apparel for nomads and romantics.” Peruvian Connection employs their own in-house designers. They conceive original pieces using seasonal color palettes and custom dyes. Then Andean craftswomen bring their designs to life using luxury fibers native to […]


Maxi Dresses: 5 Summer Trends

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There’s something magical about the maxi dress. It can be sexy and comfortable, edgy and romantic at the same time. That’s probably why we spot so many celebs wearing them, from shopping trips to the red carpet. Spring 2010 saw the maxi dress skyrocket in popularity, but it has never completely disappeared. The maxi dress is a chameleon that […]


Boho Boots

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What makes the boho boot? Two words: attitude and embellishment. Boho boots can be simple, but they’ve got to have a certain attitude — fantastic texture, fabulous color, a little drama. But embellishment make boho boots, be it fringe or tassels, buckles or rivets, applique or embossing. Plus, they must be comfortable enough to dance […]


Best Boho Brands & Retailers

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The next time you’re in your favorite mall, here’s where to get your boho fix: Anthropologie The look — soft, feminine, vintage-y, like the poetic. They also sell romantic home decor and unusual gifts, like a vintage rotary phone teleported from the Summer of Love. Their stuff is available exclusively through their own stores and website. […]


Petite Boutique: Abejas

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Abejas means bee in Spanish, and Christina Nicodemus certainly has been busy, designing and collecting some luscious boho pieces. Christina runs Abejas Boutique in Houston, Texas: “A cozy hangout filled with unexpected basics every girl needs in her closet…A collection of finds from New York to LA, Argentina to Morocco, seaside to sewing machine, vintage […]


Paisley’s Exotic Past

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Love it or hate it, paisley isn’t going anywhere soon. We saw it all over the runways in Fall 2008, but the design originated over 3000 years ago in Chaldea (Iraq) as a symbol of renewal and fertility. Before becoming known as paisley, people referred to the design as boteh, an anglicized version of the Hindi […]


Petite Boutique: Homefrocks

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Homefrocks is romantic, adventurous and unabashedly boho chic. Nancy Traugott designs the pieces in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Artisanal seamstresses produce each garment, then hand-dye them. They use beautiful silks and linens, yet everything is machine washable.  Attention to detail results in “a diaphanous hem shot through with a single silver filament; a spray of rare […]


Focus on Tracy Porter

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Without a doubt, Tracy Porter is the high priestess of Bohemian style.  From clothing to accessories to home decor, her signature style transports you to a place of beauty, magic and romance.  Her tagline — “Inspiring You To Be True To Yourself.” Her story reads like a fairy tale — Tracy and her husband John founded […]